The Braai Spot, Sea Point Promenade

Where | Sea Point Promenade has got to be one of my very favourite places in Cape Town. It’s so beautiful -perfect for a long stroll alongside the sea. I mean, some people run. I prefer to try to make friends with other people’s dogs. On my most recent walk, I was delighted to find a little burger place amongst the food stands (near the public pool). The Braai Spot makes a small selection of simple burgers. They will cook your burger as you wait. The burgers were reasonable and I was hungry. So, I took the risk…

What | Oh boy, did I make the right decision! It was so delicious. I chose the beef burger: a beef patty in a seeded roll, with lettuce and a tomato slice. There is the option of adding mustard, tomato-, barbecue- or peri-peri sauce (I went for a combo of tomato sauce and peri-peri). The patty was cooked properly: juicy and well-seasoned. I was so tempted to buy another! The burger was accompanied with a homemade lemonade from the stall next door named Toasted & Freshly Squeezed.

 The beef burger costs R35

The homemade lemonade (not pictured) costs R20

Conclusion | Not only was this meal kind to my budget, but it was incredibly yummy. I was so so impressed by this burger. This must be one of my absolute favourites. I’ll definitely go back.


Have you been to The Braai Spot? Which burger did you try?


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