Tiger’s Milk, Muizenberg

Where | Tiger’s Milk is one of those trendy bar-restaurants that you’ll stumble into and wonder if you’re cool enough to be there. There are three in Cape Town (Muizenberg, Long Street and Canal Walk), which shows how successful it is. The almost hidden entrance and the dark décor add to its mystery. Arguably, its best feature is the panoramic window, out of which you can gaze at the Muizenberg beach front. I’ve been to Tiger’s Milk once before and loved the food. In the name of finding delicious burgers, I recently returned.

What | Tiger’s Milk has a selection of burgers (all burgers can be made with chicken or beef), as well as one vegetarian option. The burger names are ridiculous, which makes ordering a rather amusing experience. There is the option of adding “extras” to your burger. After deliberating between the Stepchild and the Evil Twin (ha!), I chose the latter with a beef patty. According to the menu, the Evil Twin comes with red onion, lettuce, tomato, a cheese slice and truffle-infused mushroom sauce. The bun was fresh, and there was definitely some sort of mayo on the burger as well. With so many different flavours, including the potentially overpowering mushroom sauce, I was a bit nervous at how this burger would taste. They all worked well together, so I was pleased with my choice. I am always delighted when asked how I want my burger to be cooked (the answer is always medium-rare). I was even happier once I found my burger to be cooked exactly the way I had asked. There were well-seasoned (salt, and maybe garlic?) and well-cooked chips on the side. The whole meal was really yum! The portion size was perfect for me (although I hadn’t eaten breakfast in anticipation).

 The Evil Twin costs R99

Conclusion | My whole Tiger’s Milk experience was wonderful. The staff was really helpful and the burger was delicious. Because it’s on the pricer side, I don’t think it will become a standard burger for me. However, I will definitely order it again when I want a treat.


How has your Tiger’s Milk experience been? Have you tried their burgers before?


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