Lime Tree Café, Bergvliet

Where | Hidden deep within the heart of the Southern Suburbs is the gem that is the Lime Tree Café. It is worth visiting, even if you don’t regularly find yourself in that part of Cape Town. Bonus points that it is in a fairly quiet, residential area.

What | Lime Tree has a fair section of beef or chicken burgers, as well as the Earth Burger (which is vegetarian). They are fairly reasonable, considering the large portions. I am always fascinated by the different options (like as the Firecracker Burger or the Pizza Burger). I must admit that I usually go for the same option: the Free Range Chicken Burger. The chicken breast is marinated in a lemon and herb sauce. Alongside the fillings (rocket, dark greens, a deep-fried onion ring, sauce, avo salsa, red onion, pickles and tomato), there was also pepperdew and feta added. The pepperdews add a nice kick. I love to eat burgers with my hands, but this one is too big. What I love about this burger is that the fillings are plentiful and not just the usual lettuce-onion-tomato combo. The ingredients are also obviously fresh. The portion is huge – go hungry!

 The Free Range Chicken Burger costs R78

Conclusion | This burger is tasty and filling – everything that I expect from a chicken burger. The convenient location and fairly reasonable price just seals the deal for me.


Have you been to the Lime Tree Café? Have you tried their burgers before?


2 thoughts on “Lime Tree Café, Bergvliet

  1. I was so pleased to get a taste of Lime Tree Café for the first time a few hours ago. The first thing I noticed was that the location was just perfect – the suburb, Bergvliet, is a true representation of suburban bliss: it’s quiet and calm, and there are mountains really nearby in so many directions.
    Lime Tree Café is located in this little commercial-purpose building, the kind that was present in every non-commercial centric suburb around South Africa prior to the rise of The Mall. In all honesty, I did know that these still existed, because commercial area encroachment has been a thing since before I was born, and for some reason, I have not come across any of these buildings still standing solitarily across the road from suburban homes.
    I appreciated the setting a lot more than I knew I would, and adding to the novelty of this place was the very relaxed and homely environment of the restaurant. It definitely felt like I was eating out, but somehow the lime green (yes!) and earthy décor, and the fresh air that comes with the greener suburbs, made the outing comfortable enough to make me feel so at home and at ease.
    I ordered the Earth Burger. It seemed promising with a chickpea, mushroom and ricotta patty, but I had no idea how dangerously tasty it was. The look of surprise on my face likely said it all. A good veggie burger is hard to find, but they do exist; this wasn’t good – it was great!
    The burger is embellished with beautiful greens, and a really tasty, wholesomely-battered (if I may?) onion ring. Oh, the fries served as an accompaniment to the burger were not akin to any I have eaten before and quite delicious.
    I had eaten only breakfast some time before my burger lunch, and the burger, together with a lime milkshake (yes, lime – I mean, how could I not?) left no room for any hunger pangs in the many hours between then and dinner.
    A good meal should be enjoyed in bliss, and it’s really not often that you can have quiet, calm, greenery, a warm ambience, and really good food, all in one place. Oh, and various mountains all around.
    Lime Tree Café is a gem indeed! You’d think that a place offering such delicious meals would be in some popular location, but something so precious should never found in plain sight. I have no doubt that Lime Tree Café’s restauranteurs know this all too well!
    Thanks, Debbie, for sharing this gem – it was truly the yummiest vegetarian burger I’ve eaten in, well, ever.

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