Starlings, Claremont

Where | Starlings has got to be one of my favourite hangout spots. It’s quaint, pretty and very cozy. It’s the perfect spot for seeing friends or catching up on some work. They also have fantastic coffee and several baked goods. The entrance is on Belvedere Road (be warned, there is no sign) – look out for the well-maintained hedge. Be sure to peek into the bathroom before you leave (there are always beautiful, fresh flowers on the counter).


What | Starlings has a pretty small lunch menu, but they certainly value quality over quantity. There are two burger options: The Beef Burger or the All Day Breakfast Burger. I ordered the former. It came with aioli, cheddar and pickles on a brioche roll. On the side, were homemade potato crisps. I wasn’t wild about the crisps (I found them too oily), but I adored the burger. The ingredients were definitely fresh. The patty was juicy and perfectly cooked (I was asked how I wanted it done). The two ingredients that stood out for me were the cheese and the bun. The cheese wasn’t average supermarket cheese – it had a slightly sharp taste, which complimented the other flavours very well. The bun was moist and tasty.

The Beef Burger costs R90

Conclusion | Starlings delivers in terms of décor, service and food. Their burgers are incredible. The flavours of this burger are scrumptious, without being overpowering. This burger will always be a winner in my eyes. I have ordered it several times before, and will keep ordering it.


What has your Starlings experience been like? Have you eaten their beef burger?


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