RocoMamas, Green Point

Where | RocoMamas is known for smashburgers, ribs and wings. I had been there once before. The industrial décor isn’t to my taste, so my expectations were not terribly high before I ordered the first time. Ordering reminded me of a children’s activity book. You actually tick your choices off a sheet, which you hand to the waiter. How fun is this?

What | There are so many burger options. You start by deciding on your smash (beef, chicken or veg). You can then choose from their set menu. Alternatively, you can build your own burger. Finally, you can add a side of shoe string fries or salad. This is the absolute dream of every DIYer! Totally excited (and overwhelmed  by all the choices), I decided to go with one of their set burgers. The Rock Star (with a smashed beef patty) has emmanthal cheese, caramelised red onion and RocoMayo. I added a small shoe string fries (which was not that small). It was so refreshing to have a beef burger with a mayo-based sauce and not a bbq sauce for a change. The melted cheese with the mayo was so tasty. The burger was simple and the patty was properly cooked. The roll itself was not that interesting, but it’s worth it for the price.

Warning: this is not a first date burger. To be fair, I am a particularly messy eater (my family and friends would attest to this). Somehow, I managed to get sauce and onions on the table, food board, and all over my face and hands.

The RockStar (150g) is R55

The small shoe string fries in R15

Conclusion | Both times that I have visited RocoMamas, I have been blown away at the taste and the price of the burgers… The Rock Star is definitely a winner. It’s the perfect spot for a casual dinner with friends. I can’t wait to return.

Have you ever been to RocoMamas? What was your burger experience like?


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