Savannah Café, Hermanus

Where | Recently, I went to Hermanus with a group of friends. My favourite thing to do on roadtrips is to try out new restaurants or cafes. We ate out fairly often, but my best meal was at the Savannah Café. It’s a quirky, bright red building near the Hermanus Station. If you are able, definitely sit outside – we could see the sea and it was great fun to watch the other tourists.

What | They offer two burgers (chicken or beef), with three possible extras. I chose the beef burger, with guacamole, feta and chutney. It usually comes with bacon, although they were accommodating to exclude it. If I had to describe this burger in one word, it would be “homemade”… This was proper comfort food. The patty was made of beef and vegetables, and wasn’t grilled like a typical patty. Through this experience, I have discovered that I’m not a big fan of excessive BBQ sauce, so the chutney was an interesting twist. The patty and the extra toppings were place on toasted ciabatta roll. The wedges were an added bonus – they were clearly prepared on site and were seasoned nicely. Overall, this burger was really tasty and filling.

The burger is R70
The guacamole-feta-bacon-chutney extra is R20

Conclusion | If you are ever in the Overberg, the Savannah Café is certainly a treat. I was so impressed by the tasty burger and the warm service.


Have you ever been to the Savannah Café?  Where was your favourite burger place in the Overberg?



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