Royale Eatery, CBD

Where | When I was at university, the Royale Eatery  had the reputation of being one of the best burger places in Cape Town. They are still known for their extensive menu (in book form!) with various burgers and milkshakes. They even have a substantial number of veggie options. Which I started this project, I knew that I would review one of the Eatery’s burgers. I was really excited to visit again (despite the anticipation of parallel parking on busy Long Street!), and even prioritized it as one of my goals for October. The over all “feel” of the restaurant, assisted by the simple décor and accessible location, attracts a pretty hipster clientele.

What | Not known for being the most decisive of people, I opted for one of the simpler options. I ordered the single patty Cheddar Royale. According to the menu, all Royale Classic burgers come with a basting sauce, garlic, aorli, lettuce, tomato, caramelized onion and gherkins. Of course, I ordered an Oreo milkshake on the side. While the milkshake was everything that I imagined, I’m sad to say that the burger did not measure up. The thin patty was disappointing, and it lacked the flavours to make my tastebuds tingle. To be fair, the burger did come with side sauces, but I was hoping for more kick from the patty itself. I chose sweet potato fries to accompany the burger (instead normal fries or salad).

The Cheddar Royale costs R79

The Oreo Milkshake costs R33

Conclusion | While I have had really positive experiences at Royale Eatery in the past, this time was disappointing. I had high expectations for a tasty burger, but my meal did not deliver. I’d be interesting to try a double burger… The better patty-bun ratio and the added condiments might still mean that this burger has potential.


Have you been to the Royale Eatery recently? What was your experience like?


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