Tashas, Constantia

Where | One of the trendiest spots in Cape Town has to be Tasha’s. It is the place to have a tasty slice of cake (trust me!) or to watch people. The stunning décor, varied menu and amazing food will always make Tasha’s a winner for me. A while ago, my family had lunch at the Tasha’s in Constantia Village and I had my usual burger craving…

What | The Beef Burger was actually two sliders. Don’t be fooled… There was nothing small about this meal. Both sliders had generous, juicy patties. The meat was the perfect combination of properly-grilled and properly-cooked (medium-rare, of course!). The flavours were fantastic. I must admit that the BBQ sauce was really tasty… It’s reassuring to know that BBQ sauce can be done well! There is an option to order plain or with cheese (cheddar or mozzarella). I ordered with mozzarella, and there was no shortage! Every aspect of the burger was fresh: the bun, and the condiments. A lot of love clearly went into this burger. The sliders arrived with a lot of delicious chips on the side. In keeping with Tasha’s Mediterranean theme, there was also tzatziki.

The Beef Burger costs R88 (R98 with cheese)

Conclusion | I was pleasantly surprised by this burger. Tasha’s is definitely not associated with burgers, but their sliders ticked all the boxes. Generous and messy, this burger was an absolute treat.

Have you ever had Tasha’s burger before? Did your burger measure up to mine?


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