The Village Bistro, Durbanville

Where | The Village Bistro is a hidden gem in suburban Durbanville. I was housesitting in the area over the festive season, and was dying to test the local burgers. It had received good ratings on my favourite restaurant app, plus it was close. What a sight for sore eyes! The  décor is gorgeous inside and outside: wood, greenery and quirky light fittings. We sat in the courtyard (definitely recommended). It was surprisingly peaceful, despite backing onto a busy road. They also serve pizzas, tapas, flatbreads, sarmies and salads. The cherry on the top was the fantastic service and the well-made coffee.

What | I was overwhelmed by choice, which was not surprisingly seeing as they have 7 choices, including vegetarian and lamb. Their burgers are surprisingly reasonable… The cheapest is only R50! I decided on the Cheese Burger. The burger was a course beef mince patty, with melted cheese, tomato, lettuce, mayo and a homemade bell pepper relish. The relish was cool and a little tangy. The bun was lightly toasted. It was accompanied by proper potato wedges and fried onion rings. The burger was very tasty. The patty was rarer than I usually order, but the combo of the  relish and the meat was quite vibrant. It was still cooked properly – the outside was grilled properly, so it was a pleasant change from my usual medium-rare. The meal was a good portion size and generous for the price – it didn’t feel heavy and excessive.

The Cheese Burger costs R70

Conclusion | This was the ideal burger for summer! The fresh flavours, careful seasoning and good portion-size made this burger an absolute winner for me. The Village Bistro opened a few months ago, and deserves every success. Keep an eye out for their burger specials to further compliment their affordable prices.

What’s your favourite burger place in Durbanville? Have you been to Village Bistro?


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