Myatt, Waterfront

Where | I went shopping with friends at the Waterfront a little while ago. H&M is huge (and I tend to find shopping exhausting anyway), so we were all hungry after making our purchases. I’d never been to Myatt before… It’s adorable! Such quirky décor. Good news for readers who don’t eat pork: Myatt is halaal. Be aware that the service is pretty slow, so don’t try it out if you’re in a rush.

What | There were a few burger options, but the chicken burger was suggested. Oh my gosh! What a winner *heart eyes*. The chicken breast was so tender. It was marinated in yogurt, with extra yogurt-coriander sauce. It was super flavoursome, and had a nice spicy kick. My only criticism was that the piece of sweet potato on the burger felt a bit random. I didn’t find that the texture or flavour added much to the burger. The chips were really tasty too.

The Myatt Chicken Burger is R85

Conclusion | Is it too soon to call it love? I have maybe found my favourite chicken burger… And at a restaurant that doesn’t even specialise in burgers! Do yourself a favour… Try their chicken burger next time you’re at the Waterfront.

Have you been to Myatt before? Where is your favourite place to get a burger at the Waterfront?



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