Vovo Telo, Steenberg Village

Where | Vovo Telo is simply adorable. The décor reminds me of a Pinterest board: big mirrors, bird wallpaper, blackboard signs, comforting rugs and sturdy wooden counters. In an attempt to find a new lunch spot nearby, my mom and tried Vovo Telo late one morning. It isn’t conventional to have a burger as a late breakfast, but the menu was so pretty, and the option was so tempting.

What | I ordered the Bistro Beef Burger, which comes with caramelised onion, melted Boerenkaas and crispy gypsy ham. Because I don’t eat pork, they kindly swopped out the ham for a generous amount of avocado. I was disappointed by the patty, because it was a bit bland. To be fair, it’s probable that the extra seasoning came from the ham. A well-seasoned patty, plus a salty extra would be too much. Although the patty wasn’t mind-blowing, the bun was! It was a super tasty and the texture was amazing. I assume that it was a brioche bun – it melted in my mouth. Vovo Telo is known for its bakery and delicious breads, and they delivered in this respect. The burger came with lovely sweet potato chips, but there is also an option for normal chips. On the side was aioli, which complimented the chips perfectly (my mouth is watering just thinking about it!).

The Bistro Beef Burger costs R97

Conclusion | Although the patty was a bit of a let down, this burger is perfect for a carb craving. It was filling, and the chips were amazing. This burger was on the pricier side, so I wouldn’t have it regularly. The roll won me over, and I would definitely order it again.

Have you had any of Vovo Telo’s burgers? Please let me know if the ham upgraded the Bistro Beef Burger!


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