Burger and Lobster, CBD

Where | I always giggle at the thought that many of the trendiest food spots are located on a street that shares a name with cheese. Burger and Lobster is a small restaurant on Bree Street, conveniently situated opposite off-street parking. There are tables on the pavement, as well as indoor seating. When Burger and Lobster reached out to me over my Instagram page (to try the “best burger” in Cape Town), my interest was piqued. Burger and Lobster is relatively new – it only opened in July 2016. Their menu is tiny. They only offer one type of burger, a lobster roll and fresh lobster, with a wide variety of drinks.

What | Because the concept is so unique, I was really excited to try their burger, especially because my expectations were already quite high. It was out of this world! The bun-patty ratio was on point, and the patty itself was well-seasoned, perfectly-cooked, and had a lovely consistency. It usually comes with bacon and cheese, so the only downside was that there was no bacon replacement. The melted cheese was creamy and rich, and complimented the other flavours very well. The brioche bun was fresh. The burger arrived with tasty chips and an non-clichéd salad as sides. You know I mean… After a while, the usual lettuce-tomato-cucumber combination gets a bit boring. This salad had dark leaves, croutons, onion rings, a  balsamic dressing and cheese (maybe parmesan?). I cannot write highly enough about this burger!

The burger costs R135

Conclusion | Although the price is fairly steep, this is arguably the best beef burger that I have eaten to date. Instead of skimping on average burgers, I would highly recommend saving and splurging on this one. Do yourself a favour, and visit Burger and Lobster when you can.


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