Hudson’s Burger Joint, Claremont

Where | Hudson’s is known country-wide for their burgers. Even before writing my first review, I knew that I had to try one of their burgers for the blog. Their extensive menu is overwhelming. You choose your burger and a preferred size (180g or 250g), as well as optional sides which cost extra. It’s an affordable system, with lots of choice. This branch is conveniently located near Cavendish, so it’s a central place to meet friends. It’s a popular hang-out for students.

What | After much deliberating, I chose the Works, which is a beef patty (180g) with mustard mayo, tomato relish, cheddar cheese, cos lettuce, red onion and dill pickle. It’s a classic burger combo and a good size. Although they get points for cooking their patties at medium-rare and for using free-range and grass-fed beef, I wish that the patty was better seasoned. It was overpowered by the pickles. I really liked the relish-melted cheese combo. We also got the disco fries (with peri-peri and mozzarella) which were really nice. It’s a big portion, so I’d suggest sharing.


The Works (180g) costs R66

The Disco Fries costs R29

Conclusion | I enjoyed the Works burger, but I found the patty disappointing. If you’re a regular reader, you’d know that a well-seasoned patty is a must for my burgers. However, if your burger is made by its toppings and condiments, I think that this might be a winner for you.


Which Hudson’s branch is your favourite? Which burger should I order next time?


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