Kirstenbosch Tea Room, Newlands

Where | The Tea Room is located near the top gate at the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. If you haven’t been there yet, please remove yourself from the rock under which you have been living and go there as soon as possible. In all seriousness, this restaurant is an absolute treat: gorgeous location, fantastic service and consistently delicious food.  I have been eating these burgers long before the Burger Blog was born. But, for the sake of those who might not have tried them, I wanted to review one. They offer three “normal” sized burgers, as well as two smaller burgers. Be warned, the portions are big!

What | My go-to burger is the Not-So-Hungry Chicken burger, with sweet potato chips on the side. In my opinion, this is their best burger. Their beef burger is also delicious (my brother adores it), but it has a lot of sauce. The chicken breast is tender and moist, and the sauce is a little tangy. The toppings (pickled onions, gherkins, lettuce, mayo and tomato) compliment the breast perfectly. The portion is very generous, and there is a heap of the most delicious sweet potato chips on the side.

The Not-So-Hungry Chicken burger is R89

Conclusion | The Tea Room’s Chicken burger is an absolute winner for me. I think it ties with Myatt for the best chicken burger is my hunt so far. I would whole-heartedly recommend it as a lunch time option.

Have you tried the burgers at the Kirstenbosch Tea Room? Which is your favourite?


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