Stacked, Gardens

What | Stacked is a fairly new 50s-diner-style restaurant in Gardens that has an interesting premise. Customers have option to essentially build their own meals, by “stacking” a variety of toppings onto their meals, which vary from burgers and hot dogs to waffles and pancakes. The burgers have a choice of 17 toppings and sauces that can be added, at no extra cost. It’s a really cool take on fast food, especially because the food is affordable and the meat is locally-sourced. There is even the option to choose “pre-stacked” meals if designing your own meal is not your scene. A friend suggested that I review their burgers, so we went together.

What | After much ooh-ing and aah-ing, I decided to go for a simple burger. The “base” was an original burger. I added lettuce, tomato, caramelised onions and pickles, with roast garlic mayo on the side. The patty was nicely cooked (pink on the inside), but sadly a bit under-seasoned for my liking. Despite my many reviews, it turns out that I can’t choose the right ingredients to be stacked, because I wasn’t wild about my burger. After taking out the pickles and adding some tomato sauce, I was a happy camper. We ordered rosemary chips on the side to share, which were really tasty.

The original burger is R45 and the stacked fries are R15

Conclusion | This is a fuss-free burger done well. I would definitely recommend this if you’re craving an affordable “fast-food” style burger. Although I liked my meal, the real winner was the Belgian waffles with ice cream that we had for dessert! The burger, shared chips, shared waffle and drink all clocked in under R100.


Have you been to Stacked? What combination did you try?


Knead, Muizenberg

Where | Along the Muizenberg beachfront is my favourite Knead. Besides nostalgic surfing memories, it is great for sea views and takeaway coffee. It’s a favourite for my family, given the location and vast menu.

What | A few people recommended Knead burgers to me. I have been trying to cut down on gluten (the irony…), so I thought it was a good option to try a gluten-free burger. Let’s be honest, gluten-free anything is never as good as the real deal, so my expectations were very low. I ordered the classic beef burger that is dressed with homemade mayo, caramelised onion, pickles, red onion, sliced tomato and rocket. Instead of the bun, I had GF bread. What looked like a very humble burger delivered big time. Frankly, it was just a delicious burger. The flavours and textures were perfect, and it came with aioli and a side salad (although, you can have clhips instead). It cured my burger craving in an instant (the best way to spot a good burger) and I wasn’t even aware that it didn’t have gluten.

The classic burgers costs R75 and the gluten-free bread is an extra R10.

Burger Special | “Big Bad Burger” is any burger with any topping for R55 (every Wednesday from 4pm).

Conclusion | This is a winning burger, I loved it. Plus, it’s reasonable and a great option for those who can’t eat gluten. I would definitely recommend it!

Do you eat gluten-free? Where is your favourite burger?

Hudson’s Burger Joint, Claremont

Where | Hudson’s is known country-wide for their burgers. Even before writing my first review, I knew that I had to try one of their burgers for the blog. Their extensive menu is overwhelming. You choose your burger and a preferred size (180g or 250g), as well as optional sides which cost extra. It’s an affordable system, with lots of choice. This branch is conveniently located near Cavendish, so it’s a central place to meet friends. It’s a popular hang-out for students.

What | After much deliberating, I chose the Works, which is a beef patty (180g) with mustard mayo, tomato relish, cheddar cheese, cos lettuce, red onion and dill pickle. It’s a classic burger combo and a good size. Although they get points for cooking their patties at medium-rare and for using free-range and grass-fed beef, I wish that the patty was better seasoned. It was overpowered by the pickles. I really liked the relish-melted cheese combo. We also got the disco fries (with peri-peri and mozzarella) which were really nice. It’s a big portion, so I’d suggest sharing.


The Works (180g) costs R66

The Disco Fries costs R29

Conclusion | I enjoyed the Works burger, but I found the patty disappointing. If you’re a regular reader, you’d know that a well-seasoned patty is a must for my burgers. However, if your burger is made by its toppings and condiments, I think that this might be a winner for you.


Which Hudson’s branch is your favourite? Which burger should I order next time?

The Copper Club Eatery, Newlands


Where | The Copper Club Eatery is a new burger and pizza restaurant in the student-suburb of Newlands. After hearing recommendations, a friend and I decided it was the perfect place for Sunday lunch. We were really happy with the hipster décor and the tasty coffee options. I promise that I wasn’t going to order a burger… I went with the firm intention of having a salad (for the record, they looked really good). But when the waiter announced a burger special, I couldn’t resist! The burger special is everyday (!) between midday and 5pm.

What | Although the burger options are extensive, the special was only for the Swiss Burger – with your choice of patty – and skinny fries. The burger has Emmentaler cheese, caramelized onions and truffle oil. I chose a beef patty, cooked medium-rare. Oh my giddy aunt, did this burger deliver! The flavours, the textures, the seasoning… It was delicious! This is what a simple burger should be. The meat was lovely and pink, plus the combination of the cheese and pickles offered a nice tartness. I must admit, I’m not really sure what truffle oil tastes like, so I couldn’t single out that flavor. The chips on the side were also seasoned, and came with aioli (my favourite!). The size was just right for lunch, and I was full until dinner time.

The Swiss burger special costs R49

Conclusion | What a treat! Not only was this one of the nicest beef burgers that I’ve had, but it was so refreshing to have an all week daytime burger special. This burger (plus chips and aioli) would easily have cost over R90. Go go go!
What is your favourite Copper Club burger? Have you tried their day-time special?

Mugg and Bean, Cavendish

Where | Ok, let’s be honest. Restaurants in malls are not the most glamorous. But they’re necessary for breaks between errands. Mugg and Bean is a classic. Coffee is obvious, but I never know which meal to order, because their menus are so expansive. I was meeting a friend, and had been eying a particular burger for a while…

What | One of the new burgers is the Sesame-crusted Buttermilk Chicken Burger. Oh my gosh. This can better be described as a meal on a bun. The burger contains chicken strips, coleslaw, parmesan, lettuce, tomato, and a citrus dressing . It’s probably one of the nicest dishes that I’ve had at Mugg and Bean. Although chicken strips were a nice change and the ‘slaw was a fun addition, it didn’t feel like a burger to me. It felt more like an American-style shwarma. I will say that the citrus dressing was an excellent choice – it complimented all the flavours well. The burger can be served with normal or sweet potato chips, of which I chose the latter. I can imagine this burger is not for everyone, especially if you’re not a big fan of  lime or coleslaw.

The chicken burger is R69,90

Conclusion | I really liked this burger! It was reasonably priced for the amount of food. It was a fun twist on what a chicken burger is expected to be, and was surprisingly tasty. While I wouldn’t necessarily order this if I had a burger craving,  I would recommend it for its flavors.


Which Mugg and Bean has the best burgers? Have you tried the new chicken burger?

The Village Bistro, Durbanville

Where | The Village Bistro is a hidden gem in suburban Durbanville. I was housesitting in the area over the festive season, and was dying to test the local burgers. It had received good ratings on my favourite restaurant app, plus it was close. What a sight for sore eyes! The  décor is gorgeous inside and outside: wood, greenery and quirky light fittings. We sat in the courtyard (definitely recommended). It was surprisingly peaceful, despite backing onto a busy road. They also serve pizzas, tapas, flatbreads, sarmies and salads. The cherry on the top was the fantastic service and the well-made coffee.

What | I was overwhelmed by choice, which was not surprisingly seeing as they have 7 choices, including vegetarian and lamb. Their burgers are surprisingly reasonable… The cheapest is only R50! I decided on the Cheese Burger. The burger was a course beef mince patty, with melted cheese, tomato, lettuce, mayo and a homemade bell pepper relish. The relish was cool and a little tangy. The bun was lightly toasted. It was accompanied by proper potato wedges and fried onion rings. The burger was very tasty. The patty was rarer than I usually order, but the combo of the  relish and the meat was quite vibrant. It was still cooked properly – the outside was grilled properly, so it was a pleasant change from my usual medium-rare. The meal was a good portion size and generous for the price – it didn’t feel heavy and excessive.

The Cheese Burger costs R70

Conclusion | This was the ideal burger for summer! The fresh flavours, careful seasoning and good portion-size made this burger an absolute winner for me. The Village Bistro opened a few months ago, and deserves every success. Keep an eye out for their burger specials to further compliment their affordable prices.

What’s your favourite burger place in Durbanville? Have you been to Village Bistro?

RocoMamas, Green Point

Where | RocoMamas is known for smashburgers, ribs and wings. I had been there once before. The industrial décor isn’t to my taste, so my expectations were not terribly high before I ordered the first time. Ordering reminded me of a children’s activity book. You actually tick your choices off a sheet, which you hand to the waiter. How fun is this?

What | There are so many burger options. You start by deciding on your smash (beef, chicken or veg). You can then choose from their set menu. Alternatively, you can build your own burger. Finally, you can add a side of shoe string fries or salad. This is the absolute dream of every DIYer! Totally excited (and overwhelmed  by all the choices), I decided to go with one of their set burgers. The Rock Star (with a smashed beef patty) has emmanthal cheese, caramelised red onion and RocoMayo. I added a small shoe string fries (which was not that small). It was so refreshing to have a beef burger with a mayo-based sauce and not a bbq sauce for a change. The melted cheese with the mayo was so tasty. The burger was simple and the patty was properly cooked. The roll itself was not that interesting, but it’s worth it for the price.

Warning: this is not a first date burger. To be fair, I am a particularly messy eater (my family and friends would attest to this). Somehow, I managed to get sauce and onions on the table, food board, and all over my face and hands.

The RockStar (150g) is R55

The small shoe string fries in R15

Conclusion | Both times that I have visited RocoMamas, I have been blown away at the taste and the price of the burgers… The Rock Star is definitely a winner. It’s the perfect spot for a casual dinner with friends. I can’t wait to return.

Have you ever been to RocoMamas? What was your burger experience like?

The Press – Bar and Grill, Sea Point

GUEST REVIEWER: Alicia  (edited)

Where | Nestled on Sea Point’s main road is this trendy new little home to burgers and craft beers. Be careful, it is fairly easy to miss! It can get a bit drafty, but the menu offers up something for everybody and draws from cuisines across the world. And with a two for one burger special every Monday, how could it go wrong?

What | The menu offers regular chicken or beef burgers, as well as gourmet burgers – patty options including vegetarian, lamb, fish and pork. The Big Ben, the Italian Job, the All American and the Snob (French) are some of the burgers available – all accompanied with slaw or fries.  I chose the Snob with a chicken breast. The burger usually comes with brie, cranberry sauce, walnuts and bacon, although I asked for mine to come without the bacon. Our burgers arrived and while they weren’t huge, they were far from disappointing. The creaminess of the brie mixed with the sweetness of the cranberry sauce was wonderful. It was only improved by the surprising (and forgotten) crunch of walnuts.  Overall, it was a great burger with great ingredients.

The Snob costs R90

Conclusion | If your wallet and stomach are both feeling hunger pangs, The Press’s Monday special is not an opportunity to miss. They have other great deals throughout the week and, although the food is not mind-blowing, it is definitely worth a visit.


What is your favourite Monday burger special? Have you tried The Press before?