Knead, Muizenberg

Where | Along the Muizenberg beachfront is my favourite Knead. Besides nostalgic surfing memories, it is great for sea views and takeaway coffee. It’s a favourite for my family, given the location and vast menu.

What | A few people recommended Knead burgers to me. I have been trying to cut down on gluten (the irony…), so I thought it was a good option to try a gluten-free burger. Let’s be honest, gluten-free anything is never as good as the real deal, so my expectations were very low. I ordered the classic beef burger that is dressed with homemade mayo, caramelised onion, pickles, red onion, sliced tomato and rocket. Instead of the bun, I had GF bread. What looked like a very humble burger delivered big time. Frankly, it was just a delicious burger. The flavours and textures were perfect, and it came with aioli and a side salad (although, you can have clhips instead). It cured my burger craving in an instant (the best way to spot a good burger) and I wasn’t even aware that it didn’t have gluten.

The classic burgers costs R75 and the gluten-free bread is an extra R10.

Burger Special | “Big Bad Burger” is any burger with any topping for R55 (every Wednesday from 4pm).

Conclusion | This is a winning burger, I loved it. Plus, it’s reasonable and a great option for those who can’t eat gluten. I would definitely recommend it!

Do you eat gluten-free? Where is your favourite burger?


Chardonnay Deli, Constantia

Where | Hidden next to the Groot Constantia centre is the Chardonnay Deli, a farmstall and restaurant. The restaurant has an indoor and outdoor area. I would certainly recommend sitting outside, as the tables are dotted between the oak trees. It has a relaxed and rustic vibe despite being off a pretty busy road. I ordered from the free-standing, wooden menu, which was charming. Although their menu is fairly small, there is a nice selection. Chardonnay Deli is also known for their decadent selection of cakes (which includes Banting and wheat-free options).

What | The chicken burger is a grilled chicken breast, which comes on a kitke roll with cranberry sauce and brie cheese. The cheese was melted, the breast was tender and the sauce was sweet. The roll was clearly fresh and really tasty. There were also green leaves on the burger, which didn’t detract from the taste. It was absolutely divine. The ratio and size were perfect and the flavours and textures complimented each other so well. The meal was pretty large, as there were chunky wedges on the side.

The chicken burger costs R99

Conclusion | The whole experience was lovely and the burger was wonderful. It was definitely one of the fancier burgers that I have eaten. Because of the quality of the flavours and the portion size, it is worth the price. I am looking forward to trying their other meals, especially the platter.

Kirstenbosch Tea Room, Newlands

Where | The Tea Room is located near the top gate at the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. If you haven’t been there yet, please remove yourself from the rock under which you have been living and go there as soon as possible. In all seriousness, this restaurant is an absolute treat: gorgeous location, fantastic service and consistently delicious food.  I have been eating these burgers long before the Burger Blog was born. But, for the sake of those who might not have tried them, I wanted to review one. They offer three “normal” sized burgers, as well as two smaller burgers. Be warned, the portions are big!

What | My go-to burger is the Not-So-Hungry Chicken burger, with sweet potato chips on the side. In my opinion, this is their best burger. Their beef burger is also delicious (my brother adores it), but it has a lot of sauce. The chicken breast is tender and moist, and the sauce is a little tangy. The toppings (pickled onions, gherkins, lettuce, mayo and tomato) compliment the breast perfectly. The portion is very generous, and there is a heap of the most delicious sweet potato chips on the side.

The Not-So-Hungry Chicken burger is R89

Conclusion | The Tea Room’s Chicken burger is an absolute winner for me. I think it ties with Myatt for the best chicken burger is my hunt so far. I would whole-heartedly recommend it as a lunch time option.

Have you tried the burgers at the Kirstenbosch Tea Room? Which is your favourite?

The Copper Club Eatery, Newlands


Where | The Copper Club Eatery is a new burger and pizza restaurant in the student-suburb of Newlands. After hearing recommendations, a friend and I decided it was the perfect place for Sunday lunch. We were really happy with the hipster décor and the tasty coffee options. I promise that I wasn’t going to order a burger… I went with the firm intention of having a salad (for the record, they looked really good). But when the waiter announced a burger special, I couldn’t resist! The burger special is everyday (!) between midday and 5pm.

What | Although the burger options are extensive, the special was only for the Swiss Burger – with your choice of patty – and skinny fries. The burger has Emmentaler cheese, caramelized onions and truffle oil. I chose a beef patty, cooked medium-rare. Oh my giddy aunt, did this burger deliver! The flavours, the textures, the seasoning… It was delicious! This is what a simple burger should be. The meat was lovely and pink, plus the combination of the cheese and pickles offered a nice tartness. I must admit, I’m not really sure what truffle oil tastes like, so I couldn’t single out that flavor. The chips on the side were also seasoned, and came with aioli (my favourite!). The size was just right for lunch, and I was full until dinner time.

The Swiss burger special costs R49

Conclusion | What a treat! Not only was this one of the nicest beef burgers that I’ve had, but it was so refreshing to have an all week daytime burger special. This burger (plus chips and aioli) would easily have cost over R90. Go go go!
What is your favourite Copper Club burger? Have you tried their day-time special?

Burger and Lobster, CBD

Where | I always giggle at the thought that many of the trendiest food spots are located on a street that shares a name with cheese. Burger and Lobster is a small restaurant on Bree Street, conveniently situated opposite off-street parking. There are tables on the pavement, as well as indoor seating. When Burger and Lobster reached out to me over my Instagram page (to try the “best burger” in Cape Town), my interest was piqued. Burger and Lobster is relatively new – it only opened in July 2016. Their menu is tiny. They only offer one type of burger, a lobster roll and fresh lobster, with a wide variety of drinks.

What | Because the concept is so unique, I was really excited to try their burger, especially because my expectations were already quite high. It was out of this world! The bun-patty ratio was on point, and the patty itself was well-seasoned, perfectly-cooked, and had a lovely consistency. It usually comes with bacon and cheese, so the only downside was that there was no bacon replacement. The melted cheese was creamy and rich, and complimented the other flavours very well. The brioche bun was fresh. The burger arrived with tasty chips and an non-clichéd salad as sides. You know I mean… After a while, the usual lettuce-tomato-cucumber combination gets a bit boring. This salad had dark leaves, croutons, onion rings, a  balsamic dressing and cheese (maybe parmesan?). I cannot write highly enough about this burger!

The burger costs R135

Conclusion | Although the price is fairly steep, this is arguably the best beef burger that I have eaten to date. Instead of skimping on average burgers, I would highly recommend saving and splurging on this one. Do yourself a favour, and visit Burger and Lobster when you can.

Myatt, Waterfront

Where | I went shopping with friends at the Waterfront a little while ago. H&M is huge (and I tend to find shopping exhausting anyway), so we were all hungry after making our purchases. I’d never been to Myatt before… It’s adorable! Such quirky décor. Good news for readers who don’t eat pork: Myatt is halaal. Be aware that the service is pretty slow, so don’t try it out if you’re in a rush.

What | There were a few burger options, but the chicken burger was suggested. Oh my gosh! What a winner *heart eyes*. The chicken breast was so tender. It was marinated in yogurt, with extra yogurt-coriander sauce. It was super flavoursome, and had a nice spicy kick. My only criticism was that the piece of sweet potato on the burger felt a bit random. I didn’t find that the texture or flavour added much to the burger. The chips were really tasty too.

The Myatt Chicken Burger is R85

Conclusion | Is it too soon to call it love? I have maybe found my favourite chicken burger… And at a restaurant that doesn’t even specialise in burgers! Do yourself a favour… Try their chicken burger next time you’re at the Waterfront.

Have you been to Myatt before? Where is your favourite place to get a burger at the Waterfront?


Tashas, Constantia

Where | One of the trendiest spots in Cape Town has to be Tasha’s. It is the place to have a tasty slice of cake (trust me!) or to watch people. The stunning décor, varied menu and amazing food will always make Tasha’s a winner for me. A while ago, my family had lunch at the Tasha’s in Constantia Village and I had my usual burger craving…

What | The Beef Burger was actually two sliders. Don’t be fooled… There was nothing small about this meal. Both sliders had generous, juicy patties. The meat was the perfect combination of properly-grilled and properly-cooked (medium-rare, of course!). The flavours were fantastic. I must admit that the BBQ sauce was really tasty… It’s reassuring to know that BBQ sauce can be done well! There is an option to order plain or with cheese (cheddar or mozzarella). I ordered with mozzarella, and there was no shortage! Every aspect of the burger was fresh: the bun, and the condiments. A lot of love clearly went into this burger. The sliders arrived with a lot of delicious chips on the side. In keeping with Tasha’s Mediterranean theme, there was also tzatziki.

The Beef Burger costs R88 (R98 with cheese)

Conclusion | I was pleasantly surprised by this burger. Tasha’s is definitely not associated with burgers, but their sliders ticked all the boxes. Generous and messy, this burger was an absolute treat.

Have you ever had Tasha’s burger before? Did your burger measure up to mine?

Jonkershuis, Groot Constantia

Where | Jonkershuis is a lovely restaurant situated on the Groot Constantia wine estate. It is actually fairly affordable (depending on what you order), so it is not limited to special occasions. One of the obvious highlights was being able to order a glass of wine from the estate. The decor is rustic and pretty: I particularly appreciated the proteas dotted around the courtyard. Best to book ahead to avoid being disappointed. I’d recommend going for a leisurely stroll around the grounds after your meal. The large oaks and vast property offer many interesting points to relax or to take photos.

What | I had not intended to get a burger… But when the table next to us received their food, I knew that it would be foolish not to order one. I am so glad that I did! The beef burger was probably one of the best burgers that I have ever eaten. The meat was tender and good quality, and the patty was well-seasoned and cooked properly (lovely and pink). The bun-patty ratio was perfect – the burger and the roll were even a similar width. Despite my regular moans about BBQ sauce, this was the right quantity and not overpowering at all. The pickles (gherkins?) added the necessary sharpness. The chips were also delicious. The only thing that I didn’t like about the meal was the mayo dipping sauce on the side… But, not eating it did not detract from the burger or the chips at all.

The Flame-Grilled Beef Burger is R88

Conclusion | If I had to pick my favourite burger from those that I have reviewed so far, it would probably be the beef burger from Jonkershuis. The friendly service, surprising affordability, pretty surrounds and convenient location all added to the experience.